GE Fights 10 “DoomsDay!”

GE Fights

GE Fights

GE Fights 10 | Griggs Entertainment Fights hosts their 10th event down in Sullivan, IN. With a packed house, and very few seats empty, the crowd is piling in to support their favorite local and regional fighters  This is a very large card with ten bouts on the under card and seventeen bouts on the main card which includes two title fights and a female bout. The female bout on tonight’s card features Cassondra Palmer vs Jacki Wilson. Tonight’s event coverage is brought to you by BangTown Fightwear!



Kevin Schmidt vs John Luttrell

First fight of the night begins and Schmidt jabs in first. They circle the cage throwing short jabs back and forth to find their distance. Luttrell shoots in and Schmidt sprawls back and circles to Luttrell’s back. Schmidt gets his hooks in and sinks in a rear naked which forces Luttrell to tap. Kevin Schmidt defeats John Luttrell :20 of round 1 via rear naked choke.


Jason Bahrt vs Caleb Falconbury

Bahrt lands a side kick right off the bat. They clench up and Bahrt sweeps them to the ground.  Falconbury circles to Bahrt’s back but Bahrt turns into him and pulls guard. Falconbury stacks him to try to escape. They remain in this position and the ref stands them up. Falconbury catches a right then they clench up and fall to the ground again. Falconbury tries to choke Bahrt in a guillotine but Bahrt  gets to full mount and the bell rings.

Round 2: They both exchange several punches but Falconbury catches a hard right and drops to the ground. Bahrt waits and just when Falconbury gets to his feet, Bahrt lands another hard right that knocks Falconbury out. Jason Bahrt defeats Caleb Falconbury :12 of round 2 via KO


Dustin Marietta vs Seth Shade

They go to touch gloves but Shade throws an inside leg kick and then tries to take down Marrietta. Marrietta then falls on top of Shade and pins him on the ground. Marrietta lands several punches to the body and Shade taps. Dustin Marietta defeats Seth Shade :36 of round 1 via tapout


 Adam Noriss vs Rob Lewis

Noriss jabs in and they clench up. Rob then gets a single leg takedown and works up to half guard. Noriss rolls him over and stacks him against the cage. Rob tries for an armbar but Noriss slips out. Rob then positions for a triangle and Noriss is forced to tap once Rob stretches out his hips. Rob Lewis defeats Adam Noriss via tapout due to triangle 1:10 of round 1