CageCraze News was cageside on Friday night as Hardrock MMA brought their second private event to the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. “Hardrock MMA 44: Private Show 2″ featured three amateur bouts and six pro bouts. Headlining the event was a heavyweight tilt between “Big” John Ivey and Josh “Tank” Franklin. Franklin was a journeyman amateur making his professional debut against Ivey, a man with just under 80 official professional fights.

We would like to thank Brandon “Hardrock” Higdon and Vanessa Bohleber-Higdon for having us as guests to cover what is one of the most unique MMA events in the region. The fight night at the Pendennis Club is a black-tie affair and for decades featured Boxing bouts. Louisville’s own Muhammad Ali fought at the Pendennis club early in his career. 2011 was the first year that the club switched from Boxing to Mixed Martial Arts. The event is open only to club members, representatives of the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority, and for the past two events, WiFi access for our live updates this year came courtesy of Staff Writer, Gary Thomas, who was one of the three judges for the event. Look below for our play-by-play and quick results as the event unfolded.




Shane Clark vs. James Reed

Rd. 1 – Reed takes Clark to the mat and moves to side control then passes to mount. Reed flattens Clark out on the ground and walks him towards the cage. Reed postures up and starts unloading on Clark until taps to strikes at 1:08 in the first round. Very nice finish to get the crowd into the fight night!


Josh Dawson vs. Jonathan Clemons

Rd. 1 – Clemons opens up with a jab and a body kick and then Dawson fires back with a combo. Both fighters are standing and trading in the center of the cage now. The fighters clinch and Dawson lands two knees before Clemons dumps him on the ground. Clemons has Dawson stacked against the cage but Dawson wall walks and is able to get up. Clemons quickly looks for a D’Arce choke, Dawson fights it momentarily but ultimately taps to the choke at 1:33 in the first round.


Tony Watkins vs. Jesse Trout

Rd. 1 – Watkins scores first with a right hand and then trips Trout to the mat. Trout works for an armbar from his back but gets slammed for his trouble. Watkins is all over Trout now, landing big right hands on the ground. Trout scrambles to all fours and Watkins takes his back and opens up with right hands. Watkins falls forward and loses his footing but scrambles back to top position. Trout goes for another armbar but Watkins slams his way out of it again. Watkins makes a sloppy attempt to pass to side control and allows Trout to get up to his base. Watkins works a front choke then moves around to take Trout’s back again. Watkins lands several right hands before sinking in a rear naked choke. Trout taps to the choke with less than ten seconds left in the round. The win goes to Tony Watkins via rear naked choke at 2:57 in the first round.

JR Hines vs. Phil White

Rd. 1 – Hines opens with a wild flurry and White looks to counter with an overhand left. The fighters back off and circle then White moves forward with a shot but Hines stuffs it and throws knees to the body of White. The fighters break and take the center of the cage and White moves in and rushes Hines. White drops Hines and opens up from the top. Hines rolls and gives up his back and White sinks in a rear naked choke. Hines taps quickly at 1:32 in the first round. Louisville MMA’s Phil White wins his professional MMA debut.


Tyrelle Olding vs. Matt Wilson

Rd. 1 – Olding lands a crisp outside leg kick to open the round and then follows up with two more kicks. Wilson takes Olding to the mat but Olding quickly looks for a D’Arce choke. It doesn’t look all the way in but Olding cranks it and Wilson taps immediately at the 0:17 mark in the first round! Very fast submission.


Michael Cockerham vs. Justin Gamble

Rd. 1 – Gamble lands a right hand and shoots in on Cockerham but Cockerham ties up with Gamble and lands a big knee against the cage. Gamble fights to his feet but Cockerham takes him back to the mat. Gamble is in trouble! Gamble rolls and gives up his back and Cockerham is landing blows to Gamble’s ribs. Gamble is thrashing trying to escape but Cockerham is on tight. Gamble rolls again and Cockerham mounts Gamble. Gamble bridges and gets space and gets back to guard. A wild scramble ensues and Gamble has an armbar! The hold is deep and Cockerham is forced to tap at 1:39 in the first round. If you blinked you missed it!


Shane Robinson vs. Joe Meyer

Rd. 1 – Robinson throws an uppercut as Meyer runs in and tees off from close range. Meyer shoots in again and fights through Robinson’s defense to get him to the ground. Meyer moves to side control but Robinson uses the cage and is able to escape. Robinson gets on top but Meyer has an armbar from the bottom. Robinson fights it as long as he can but Meyer extends his arm to an unnatural angle and Robinson is forced to tap at 1:59 in the first round. Joe Meyer, teammate of Phil White, secures the second win of the night for Louisville MMA.


Jason Keen vs. Zach Sanders

Rd. 1 – Keen throws an early body kick but Sanders catches it and falls backwards, pulling Keen to the mat. Sanders is working for a triangle on the bottom but Keen breaks free and stacks Sanders against the cage and starts dropping elbows. Keen is working hard to keep Sanders on the mat but Sanders is able to roll onto his back and get to full guard. Keen passes to side and looks for a D’Arce choke but Sanders is able to defend and get out of the choke. Sanders fights to his feet and Keen tries to drop back for a guillotine but loses his grip and Sanders chases him to the mat. Sanders takes Keen’s back and locks in both hooks. Sanders is on Keen’s back landing right hands from behind. All Keen is doing is covering up, not offering much defense. Sanders slides his right arm under Keen’s neck but Keen gets wrist control and pulls the arm away. Keen fights to his feet! Keen is throwing wildly and gets caught by a counter from Sanders. Sanders buckles Keen to the mat with a knee and then takes his back! Sanders looks for a rear naked choke but is too high and Keen is able to escape out the back door just as the round ends.

Rd. 2 – Keen’s leg is buckled with an outside leg kick at the start of the round and Sanders follows up with punches to drop him to the mat. Sanders takes Keen’s back again and lands heavy right hands from the back. Keen is able to stand again but gets nailed with a head kick from Sanders and drops to the mat again. Sanders lands two huge knees to Keen’s ribs on the ground. Keen rolls to his back and Sanders moves to side control. Sanders has Keen stacked against the cage and works short strikes with his left hand then opens up with elbows. Keen gives up his back and Sanders tees off with left hands. Keen stands again but is immediately tripped to the ground by Sanders. Sanders lands more knees to the body of Keen before taking Keen’s back. Sanders locks in a rear naked choke and forces Keen to tap at 3:28 in the second round.


Josh Franklin vs. Johnathan Ivey

Rd. 1 – Ivey takes the center of the cage immediately and Franklin throws some leg kicks to judge the distance. Franklin lands an outside leg kick but Ivey catches him with a big right hand then lands a knee to the body. Ivey and Franklin trade leg kicks before Ivey opens up on Franklin with a torrent of wild punches. Franklin is getting the worst of the standup battle thus far. Ivey’s experience is showing in this fight. Ivey bullies Franklin against the cage and the fighters trade knees to the body. Ivey is putting all of his weight on Franklin trying to wear him down but the action slows. The ref resets the fight due to inaction. Ivey nails Franklin with a low blow and Josh Franklin is given time to recover. As the fight restarts Franklin takes the center of the cage and flicks his jab effectively. Franklin is using his reach advantage to keep Ivey at bay. Ivey bobs and weaves then ducks under and catches Franklin with another looping punch and opens a cut over Franklin’s nose. Ivey rushes at Franklin and pushes him against the cage. There is blood flowing from Franklin now and he tries in desperation to trip Ivey to the mat. Franklin gets the takedown but Ivey goes for a Kimura immediately when he hits the ground. Franklin has no choice but to tap at 4:23 in the first round. “Big” John Ivey takes the stoppage victory.

That is all from the Pendennis Club in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Thanks for following along tonight for all of the local MMA action from the Bluegrass State. Follow @CageCrazeKy on Twitter for more news and event coverage from Kentucky. 


Quick Results


James Reed def Shane Clark via Submission (Strikes) at 1:08 in Rd.1

Jonathan Clemons def Josh Dawson via Submission (D’Arce Choke) at 1:33 in Rd.1

Tony Watkins def Jesse Trout via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:57 in Rd.1

Phil White def JR Hines via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:32 in Rd.1

Tyrelle Olding def Matt Wilson via Submission (D’Arce Choke) at 0:17 in Rd.1

Justin Gamble def Michael Cockerham via Submission (Armbar) at 1:39 in Rd.1

Joe Meyer def Shane Robinson via Submission (Armbar) at 1:59 in Rd.1

Zach Sanders def Jason Keen via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:28 in Rd.2

Johnathan Ivey def Josh Franklin via Submission (Kimura) at 4:23 in Rd.1