Indiana Fighting Championship

Indiana Fighting Championship was cageside on Saturday at the Bedford National Guard Armory (2020 19th Street | Bedford, IN) as Kyria McBrayer-Christison’s Indiana Fighting Championship presented “The Battles at Bedford.” This event was the second in the history of the young promotion, and the first that they have held in Bedford.

The all-amateur fight card was cut down to just eight fights due to circumstances outside of the control of the IFC. However, the remaining matchups were competitive and the small yet lively crowd in Bedford certainly liked what they saw. The IFC’s Cody Huggins stepped in as the Ring Announcer for the evening and Jeff Mallott was the referee for the event. You can find the quick results and play-by-play below. Stay tuned to and for information on the IFC’s next event on October 29 in Dale, Indiana.



Quick Results

Thomas Ehrman def. Jeremiah Threet via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 0:16 in round 2

Will Rogers def. Mike Hellums via TKO/RSC (Strikes) at 0:59 in round 1

JD McCain def. George Thornton via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:49 in round 1

Drew Eggleton def. Andy Holt via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:44 in round 1

Eddy Sanders def. Trevor Berger via Verbal Submission (Knee to the body) at 2:17 in round 1

Drew Ward def. Chris Burton via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 1:56 in round 1

Zach Eddington def. Clint Hoskins via Technical Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) at 1:19 in round 2

James Huff def. Jackson Cornwell via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:34 in round 2




Jeremiah Threet vs. Thomas Ehrman

Rd 1 – Ehrman rushes Threet with a flurry then ties up with him and Threet trips Ehrman to the mat. Threet is working out of Ehrman’s guard and peppering him with body shots. Ehrman stifles Threet’s offense and they have to be stood up. Ehrman scores several big uppercuts on the restart, forcing Threet to look for the takedown. Threet gets Ehrman to the ground and passes to side control with ten seconds left in the round. Threet looks for a standing guillotine in the closing seconds but the round ends before he can get the choke sunk in.

Rd 2 – Threet whiffs on a right hook at the start of the round and falls off balance, allowing Ehrman to step in and take his back. Ehrman latches on a rear naked choke and forces Threet to tap just 0:16 into the second round.

Will Rogers vs. Mike Hellums

Rd 1 – Hellums comes out throwing wild right hands but they are not landing. Rogers slams Hellums to the mat and immediately passes to mount. Rogers stacks Hellums against the cage and opens up with right hands. Hellums gives up his back and Rogers continues to pour on the pressure. A huge right hand buckles Hellums back to the mat and Rogers follows up with strikes until the ref steps in to stop the fight 0:59 into the first round.

JD McCain vs. George Thornton

Rd 1 – Thornton opens with an overhand right and McCain comes back with a kick. Thornton is going for some creative aerial kicks but misses on all of them. The fighters trade briefly then Thornton shoots in and falls right into a guillotine. McCain tightens the choke and Thornton taps at 0:49 in the first round.


Cheyenne Hunter vs. Jonathan Tow

This fight was scratched because Jonathan Tow did not show for the weigh-ins or the fight. There was no explanation given. Cheyenne Hunter was called to the cage and recognized for his hard work training for the fight.

Drew Eggleton vs. Andy Holt

Rd 1 – Eggleton shoots in and takes Holt to the mat to open the fight but Holt quickly regains his feet and pushes Eggleton into the cage. Holt pushes off and misses two punches, allowing Eggleton to scoop him and slam him. Holt once again pops back to his feet and muscles Eggleton against the cage. Eggleton swarms Holt and trips him to the mat. Eggleton takes Holt’s back and latches onto him with a rear naked choke, forcing the submission at 1:44 in the first round.

Eddy Sanders vs. Trevor Berger

Rd 1 – Sanders connects with a right hand then the two fighters clinch. It is a stalemate in the clinch so they break. Sanders comes in and misses with a right hand and the fighters clinch again. Berger shoots in and Sanders executes a textbook sprawl to stay on his feet. Sanders is picking his spots very well in the standup. His reach advantage is allowing him to keep Berger at the end of his punches. Berger shoots in again and eats an uppercut. Sanders lands a crushing knee to the midsection and Berger falls to the mat. Berger verbally submits due to the knee at 2:17 in the first round.

Drew Ward vs. Chris Burton

Rd 1 – Burton trips Ward to the mat but Ward immediately goes for a triangle choke. Burton gets out of the choke though and stacks Ward against the cage. Burton postures up and lands a couple of right hands but Ward throws him off balance and sweeps. Ward has a guillotine and it is tight! Burton taps at 1:56 in the first round to give Ward the submission victory.

Clint Hoskins  vs. Zach Eddington

Rd 1 – Hoskins pulls guard immediately and goes for a triangle choke. Hoskins is throwing punches from the bottom and Eddington is throwing left hands from the top to try to break the hold. Eddington gets out of the triangle and passes to side control. Eddington mounts Hoskins! Eddington unloads from the top but Hoskins bucks him off and goes for a heel hook. Eddington escapes the hold and then starts firing away from the top as the round comes to a halt. Best round of the night so far.

Rd 2 – Eddington rushes in and takes Hoskins to the mat to open the round. Eddington passes to half guard then mounts Hoskins. Eddington goes for an arm triangle and steps over Hoskins to tighten the choke. Hoskins goes limp and the ref stops the fight. Eddington records a Technical Submission victory at 1:19 in the second round due to an arm triangle choke.

James Huff vs. Jackson Cornwell

Rd 1 – Cornwell slams Huff to the mat after Huff misses with a right hand. Cornwell is going for an arm triangle but has to let it go. The fighters scramble to their feet and Huff has a standing guillotine choke. Cornwell goes to the ground and then finds himself in another guillotine choke. Cornwell pops his head out and mounts Huff. Cornwell goes to knee on belly then drops back for an armbar. Huff gets out of the armbar and drops back for a kneebar with ten seconds left in the round. The round ends in this position.

Rd 2 – Cornwell changes levels and shoots in on Huff but Huff sprawls and turns it into a guillotine choke. Cornwell taps to the choke at 0:34 in the second round. is your MMA Social Network dedicated to connecting, promoting, covering and improving local MMA everywhere. Create your free profile today, and stay connected with local MMA Everywhere!