XFC 25 | Ryan Thomas vs. Rocky France II

XFC 25 | Ryan Thomas vs Rocky FranceAs most of you already know, Ryan Thomas had a last minute change of opponents.  With Ian Stephens falling off the card at the last minute, Ryan Thomas and management were left wondering if he was going to compete, or not.

When Rocky France heard about Stephens dropping out, he jumped at the chance to call John Prisco, (Promoter and President of Xtreme Fighting Championships) and volunteer to take the bout.  Prisco originally turned the bout down; until he watched the video of the first time Thomas and France met, just 3 months ago at Colosseum Combat 25. Frace told us in an interview, that Prisco called him back 20 minutes later saying, “Let’s do it!”

Thankful that we still get to watch Ryan Thomas on the XFC 25 card, and blessed that it’s the rematch with Rocky France, we reached out to Ryan to get his thoughts on this last minute opponent change.

Cage Craze: As we all know, Ian Stephens fell off the card at the last minute. Was this a fight that you looked forward to, or was he just the next in line?

Ryan Thomas: I was looking forward to fighting Stephens. There was a lot of hype behind him and I wanted to find out if he was actually as good as the XFC was building him up to be. With Ian pulling out of the fight without an injury or anything, I think it’s safe to say that Ian isn’t ready to fight with the big dogs.

Cage Craze: Stephens and France have two different styles of fighting; did the change of opponents create a last minute change in preparing for this bout?

Ryan ThomasThe last minute change from fighting Stephens to France won’t be a problem. I don’t have any holes in my game and I’m comfortable fighting any style of fighter. As long as I’m healthy and in shape, then I’m ready to fight anyone. It doesn’t matter if they’re a wrestler, striker, or grappler.

Cage Craze: Having just fought France 3 months ago and never having fought Stephens; do you feel the change in opponents was to your advantage?  

Ryan Thomas: I match up great with either one of these guys. Stephens was going to try to take me down and hold me there, while Rocky is most likely going to try to knock my block off. Neither one of those scenarios will play out on Friday night. The only advantage that I have is that I have had longer to get myself into fight shape, since Rocky took this fight on short notice.

Cage Craze: Rocky told us in his interview, that John Prisco originally said no to him stepping up and filling the spot, until he watched the video of Colosseum Combat 25 where you first met France.  It must have impressed him quite a bit, for him to then tell France, “Let’s Do it!”  What should the XFC and the MMA Community look forward to seeing in this bout, that they didn’t see at Colosseum Combat 25?

Ryan Thomas: On paper, this fight looks like I would smash Rocky because my record is much more glamorous than his. Rocky doesn’t try to take safe or easy fights. He fights the best and most notable opponents that he can get his hands on. His record does not do him justice. He is one of the toughest guys I have fought though. That’s saying something! Our fight was a war last time! Don’t expect anything less this time either! Rocky comes in with nothing to lose. That’s a dangerous fighter right there! I’m the one that’s riding a 4 fight win streak and a top contender for the XFC welterweight title.

Cage Craze: Thankfully for the fans, Rocky France stepped up and filled in for Stephens.  Is there anything that you would like to say to Rocky?

Ryan Thomas: Thanks for taking the fight. Be prepared to look like a walking tampon again. Ha-ha. I’m just kidding. Let’s put on a great fight for the fans and have some fun out there!

CageCraze: Is there anyone you want to thank, or give a shout out to? 

 Ryan Thomas: I would like to thank Intimidation Clothing, Diamond MMA, Gold Rush Pawnbrokers, Skin Deep Tattoo, Robinson Auto Body, www.KCMdistribution.com, Rowdy Star Custom Creations, Enlightening Fashion, The Business Card Shoppe, Modern Fighting Systems, Hero Sports Management, and Mike Wagner of Central Illinois Family Practice.


Once again, I would like to thank Ryan for taking the time out to chat with us.  I can’t stress enough what a battle Ryan Thomas vs. Rocky France 1, was.  If you have plans for this Friday, cancel them, and either get out to XFC 25 in New Mexico, or watch it live on AXS TV!!   You’re not going to want to miss this bout, along with many other great match-ups on this card (listed below)!

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